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Google “Help Me Write”: Your Writing Sidekick

Atlanta | August 21, 2023 – Need a break but stuck on how to ask your boss? Uncertain about approaching clients about your company’s latest product? Google comes to the rescue. Amidst the buzz around Bard AI, Google has introduced a new gem at Google I/O 2023—’Help Me Write.’ This ingenious feature, integrated into Gmail and Google Docs, assists users in crafting emails and essays using one-line prompts.

An integral component of Google’s Duet AI for Workspace, ‘Help Me Write’ leverages Google’s extensive Language Model to craft emails and essays. This feature is specifically open to subscribers of Google Workspace Labs. Presently, it is accessible to a restricted group of users, with intentions to expand availability to a wider audience by the end of 2023.

A vital aspect of Google’s Duet AI for Workspace, ‘Help Me Write’ harnesses the power of Google’s Large Language Model to generate emails and essays. This functionality is exclusively available to subscribers of Google Workspace Labs. Currently, it is accessible to a limited user cohort, with plans for broader availability expected by late 2023.

The moment you open a document, the ‘Help Me Write’ button takes center stage. As you begin typing, it suggests compatible text snippets. Upon clicking, a prompt box appears. Craft a prompt, hit ‘Create,’ and watch AI generate content. It’s a trial-and-error process; ‘Recreate’ until you find the right fit, then ‘Insert’ the draft.

Tweaking the text’s tone is effortless too. Specify if you want a professional, catchy, confident, or relaxed tone—AI adjusts accordingly. A ‘Refine’ option lets you formalize, condense, expand, or rephrase content as needed.

This feature isn’t limited to entire text generation; it hones in on specific sections too. Highlight the segment, state the desired modification, and let AI take charge.

Nevertheless, remember it’s a work in progress. Expect flaws like plagiarism, misinformation, and generic content. To craft better output, edit thoroughly, watch for placeholders, verify facts, and employ precise prompts.

About Google “Help Me Write”:

An AI capability designed to expedite email composition through prompts. Imagine this: you click on the Help Me Write button in Gmail. It prompts you to input a guiding prompt, subsequently generating a message in response. Furthermore, this feature extends its aid to enhancing your preexisting drafts.

Unveiling an AI functionality crafted to expedite the drafting of emails through the use of prompts. Consider this scenario: upon clicking the “Help me write” button in Gmail, you’re prompted to input a guiding phrase. In response, the tool automatically composes a message. Additionally, this feature is equipped to assist in refining your already-crafted drafts.

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